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Here's the Scoop:


Litter boxes smell and scooping litter stinks. It's a fact. No one likes to scoop.


Cats prefer a clean box. Remember Auggie's accident the other day? It was NO accident. He meant to put it in the corner of your closet. Why? BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO CLEAN HIS LITTER BOX!



STOP being penalized for "forgetting" to scoop, let SmartScoop do the dirty work for you. Your kitty will still love you and stop leaving surprises in random, unwanted places.



The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box is an automatic litter box that scoops fifteen minutes after your cat leaves the box. Plug it in and let it scoop. Easy peasy. Oh, and it eliminates odor, too!


So where I can buy this “technologically advanced” litter box? Click the buy now button and shop ‘till your feline friend drops, errrr does the happy dance!


Buy SmartScoop Now

SmartScoop Litter Box $159.99



SmartScoop Litter Box image


The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box includes everything you need for 6 months. If you have one cat, the extra supplies should last about 6 months. If you rescue cats, you may need to empty the bags more frequently. Plus, this isn't a miracle robot, it still needs attention like adding new litter and changing the filter. But hey, it's still better than scooping, right?





Want to see how the SmartScoop works? Click the video screen with the cute kitty cat on top:


SmartScoop video image


Ready to buy? Click here.



SmartScoop is perfect for a multi-cat home! Multiple cats in the home equals lots of scooping. With SmartScoop, the box is always clean for the next cat.

The litter area is 14" wide x 16" deep, giving your cat plenty of room to do its business!

Doctors advise pregnant women to not scoop cat waste because of the risk of Toxoplasmosis. SmartScoop has a No-Touch Waste Bag so you don't have to touch dirty litter.

*Supply of product is based on average use in a single cat household


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