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SmartScoop® Products

The SmartScoop family of products was created to meet the challenge of litter box odor and mess. We knew there was a need for more effective litter and odor control products, so we designed innovative solutions to make your life easier. Now you can spend more time with your cat and less time with the box!

SmartScoop® Self-Scooping Litter Box
multiple patents pending


SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box eliminates odor, the need for daily scooping and the need to touch a dirty litter box!


Each SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box package includes a 6-months supply of everything you will need*: 24 No-Touch Waste Bags, 6 Activated Carbon Filters, a Litter Catching Ramp and a Litter Catching Mat (over a $40 value!).


smartscoop with accessories







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SmartScoop is motion activated so once the cat leaves the litter box, an internal timer will count down for 15 minutes, allowing for the clumping process to take place. The waste unit will then move, raking the clump forward and into the waste tray. The waste unit will then return to its original position for the next time the cat uses the litter box.


For a single cat home, it is recommended to change the No-Touch Waste Bags once a week and Activated Carbon filter once a month. For a multi-cat home, change the bag and filter more frequently.


Litter shown in picture is not included with product. Any clumping litter may be used with SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box. Privacy Cover is sold separately.


Features & Benefits:

° Smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle

° Easier to operate and maintain than the competition

° Large usable litter area, perfect for a single or multi-cat home (litter area is 14" w x 16" d)

° Unit measures 18.25" w x 25.5" d x 7.5" h

° Litter catching mat measures 14" w x 12" d x 1" h

° Uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector

° Heavy duty and easy-to-clean litter pan

° Modern and clean appearance

° Works with your favorite clumping litter; no need to buy costly, special    litter

° AC power cord runs on the outside of the box

° One-year warranty!


*Supply of product is based on average use in a single cat household

Is SmartScoop right for your home?  To help you decide, click HERE.


You may also want to read about the myth of the self-cleaning litter box to help yourself determine if SmartScoop is a good fit for you, your cats and your home.


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SmartScoop® No-Touch Waste Bags

Custom-fit for SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box


SmartScoop custom-fit bags make waste disposal a breeze! Simply place No-Touch Waste Bags over the waste tray when it's full, just toss! Seal away waste, clumps and odors with this convenient solution. Each carton contains a 6 month supply* (24 Waste Bags bags).


Features & Benefits:

° Simple, inexpensive solution to    waste disposal
° Keeps the waste collector scoop    bin clean
° Simply toss or reverse bag and tie    a knot for maximum odor control    and clean disposal


No-Touch Waste Bag, Demo

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$7.49 per box


*Supply of product is based on average use in a single cat household




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SmartScoop® Activated Carbon Filters

Custom-fit for SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box


Activated Carbon Filters continuously soak up odors and are easy to discard along with the filled No-Touch Waste Bag. Safe, natural and non-toxic, the filters are individually wrapped to maintain maximum Filterseffectiveness. Box contains a 1 year supply* (12 filters).


Features & Benefits:

° Up to 3-5 times greater odor absorption    of cat litter box odors compared to other    filters

° Utilizes advanced activated    carbon/zeolite technology and    manufacturing

° Keeps odor levels low for longer periods


Filter Demo



*Supply of product is based on average use in a single cat household


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SmartScoop® Privacy Cover

For use with SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box


The SmartScoop Privacy Cover provides privacy for cats while limiting litter tracking. Its easy to assemble the frame and washable fabric Privay Cover Boxcover. The Privacy Cover allows for easy access to the waste tray.


Features & Benefits:

° Gives your cat(s) privacy

° Easy to clean

° Washable fabric cover

° Controls litter from going outside of box

° Measures 21" x 21" x 21"


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OurPets® No-Stick Litter Box Spray

For use with any litter box


Scientifically developed for frustration-free litter box maintenance, No-Stick Litter Box Spray uses natural lubricants to prevent sticking.


Features & Benefits:

° Stops litter from sticking to the box

° Real catnip scent encourages litter box use

No-Stick Spray

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OurPets® Odor Control Litter Box Spray

For use with any litter box


With natural enzymes formulated to break down odors, even the toughest smells will be eliminated with OurPets Odor Control Litter Box Spray!


Features & Benefits:

° Wipes out odor!

° Gentle enough for everyday use
° With catnip scent to encourage litter box use

Odor Control Spray

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SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.